Committed to Bringing Family Values and Education Together

I was raised in Clay County and I love this community and its people. I cannot think of a better place to raise my children.

I am running for school board because, on our school board, there has been a significant falling away from the ideals that America was founded on; many of the same values that have made Clay students thrive. Our community deserves leadership in the district who is willing to stand up for the inalienable rights and focus on developing a vision for our students.

Strong leadership is necessary to encourage an education experience for Clay children, which will empower them to be all they were created to be. Students are the future leaders of our country and deserve every opportunity to have the best education available. I want each Clay student to stand strong, fully prepared for the next phase in their lives.

As an experienced leader in post-secondary education, a committed conservative, dedicated community servant who is actively involved in her church, wife, and a mother of a child in the Clay public schools, I am qualified and committed to serve our community as a School Board Member. I WILL bring innovation, diplomacy, tact, and professionalism with a solutions driven positive attitude to our board so that we can stand strong and overcome the challenges we will face.

As American citizens living in Clay County, we have the right to elect our school board officials and the choice should be clear. Vote for Amber Harmony Shepherd, Candidate for Clay County School Board, District 1.

*Electing our superintendent of schools- SUPPORT

*Common Core Curriculum – OPPOSED

*Utilization of high impact fees – OPPOSED

*Continuation of Sports and Performing Arts – SUPPORT

*Balanced budget without increasing taxes – SUPPORT

*Transparent and accessible leadership – SUPPORT

Remember AMBER

A lways
M aking
B etter
E ducation
R ewarding

View my candidate announcement from the Cattleman’s Association meeting here.